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Wearable Vintage Fashion presents desirable, affordable and accessible vintage clothing and accessories in a new and fun format. Covering the looks of the twentieth century from the 20s to the 80s, this insider's guide will feature the clothing, accessories and styling to recreate the looks of each decade. By presenting timeless, classic vintage pieces, the items will always be stylish regardless of the era they came from or the fashion trend of the moment. The book will, therefore, serve as a visual reference guide to collecting as well as to wearing classic vintage clothing. Vintage dressing is very much a current fashion trend with lots of people shopping for affordable vintage clothing and trying to recreate vintage looks by mixing new and old. The authors show the reader how to put the clothing and accessories together to create that period look whether for daywear or eveningwear. In addition to interviews with collectors and the story behind their collections, the authors look at vintage street fashion from around the world: showing members of the public combining vintage with their everyday fashion. Clare Bridge opened her boutique 'Second Hand Rose' in Worcester five years ago, turning her love and knowledge of vintage into a successful business. She has styled photo shoots and supplied period clothing to BBC costumiers as well as being filmed as a vintage expert for a daytime BBC show. She participates in high profile vintage events around the country as well as organising vintage events locally as part of WAVE (Worcester Arts and Vintage Events.) Jo Waterhouse is an experienced writer and author of several books specialising in sub-cultural art scenes including Indie Craft and Concrete to Canvas. She is an occasional freelance writer and has been wearing and collecting vintage clothing since her teens. She is also a vintage events organiser, working alongside Clare as part of WAVE, as well as working on the 'Second Hand Rose' website and promotion.

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