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The great Roman poet Lucan (39–65 AD) is considered one of the most important Latin Poets of all time. His masterful epic «Pharsalia,» or «Civil War» chronicles the dynamic battle between Julius Caesar and Pompey the Great. The Great Civil War led to the downfall of the Roman Republic and the establishment of the Roman Empire. «Civil War» is divided into ten books, tracking Caesar's march to Rome, through Spain, and finally to Egpyt. The cast of characters is wide: Brutus, Cicero, and Cleopatra all have parts, creating a singular epic. The poem is rooted in history though Lucan uses his poetic gift to create a work of literature that is as symbolic and moving as it is informative. Lucan's clear and energetic verse brings one of the most important wars in history to life. The cruel and exacting Caesar is witnessed here like nowhere else in literature. Civil War brilliantly comments on violence, politics, and sacrifice. For the student of Roman history, Lucan's «Civil War» is an invaluable resource.

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